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Community Key reaches out to local hospitals, social workers, and various health organizations to educate them on the program. Applications are reviewed by an independent team of volunteers composed of various professionals involved in social work, healthcare, insurance, and finance. When recipients are chosen, Community Key helps in two ways:

  • We make payments for their mortgage or rent.
  • We work with their lender to take advantage of available programs to delay, or minimize their mortgage payments during their time of need.

Community Key is currently funded by the mortgage broker community, which includes mortgage brokerages and key-lending partners. Money is also raised through various fundraising events within the mortgage industry throughout the year.


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Keys for Cause

Community Key has partnered with North American Jewellery designer, Barb Johnston, to create one-of-a-kind, hand engraved pendants made of salvaged keys. All proceeds from the sale of these keys will go directly to a family in need.