Community Key is excited to announce that we’ve recently helped our first families! Our first family was nominated through Jill Pollack, a mortgage broker in the Whitehorse area, who is a supporter of Community Key.


was diagnosed with an intricate Brain Stem tumor. Fun stuff… Every 4-year old’s dream. What happened to mud-pies, hide-and-seek or kindergarten?

Shortly after being diagnosed, Gabriella endured a lengthy 9-hour craniotomy to remove the mass. Removal was deemed near impossible due to its sensitive attachment and placement within the brain stem.
The family is still waiting on the final diagnosis of the tumor; however, one thing is certain… there is a long road of treatments to get their little girl back.

Mom and Dad are currently staying on site at the Ronald MacDonald House (THANK YOU RMH) while Gabby is in BC Children’s Hospital. While Yukon Health Care does assist in these measures, it is nowhere close to the assistance they will need to relieve financial stress and just focus on loving and caring for their sick little girl. I think we can all agree that in a situation like this, less stress = more support on all fronts.

Community Key went to the Ronald MacDonald House and presented a cheque to Gabby and her family to cover this month’s mortgage payment. We also continue talks with their mortgage lender to provide further relief.