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Like most charities, the inspiration for Community Key came out of a series of life-changing events.

Co-founder of Community Key, Paul Bojakli, created the Canadian charity after spending five horrible days in the ICU with his daughter. During those long days and nights in the ICU, Paul witnessed many other worried families visiting their ill children, some of which had been in intensive care for months. It made him wonder how families decide whether to return to work or to continue sacrificing financial stability to stand by their children. After a near death experience and spending five days in the ICU, Jaimee was released with a clean physical and the Doctor’s approval to continue swimming.

Paul was relieved, but now determined to help less fortunate families. After doing a bit of research it became clear that there was no Canadian program available to help families in need with housing payments. Paul presented the idea of starting a charity with the vision of supporting these families with the Quantus team of mortgage brokers. Without surprise, all the mortgage brokers showed 100% support towards the idea, committing to contributing a donation from every mortgage funded to help the cause!

“A family should never be forced to choose between going back to work and caring for a sick or injured child.”

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Just as the charity was being registered, another tragedy struck involving one of the charity’s founding members, Patrizia Forigo, only to further confirm the need for the program. Patrizia’ son had an accident and went into a coma. The initial assessment by the medical professionals was that he might be hospitalized for the rest of his life. Pat spent every minute possible by her son’s side and met many other families pacing in the hospital hallways with their children in critical care. All of them struggling and some unable to afford their housing. Luckily, Patrizia’ son recovered far beyond what was expected and was able to go back home after spending over three months in the hospital, but the stories of other families could not be forgotten. The inspiration for Community Key was born. Two months later, the charity launched, and $30,000 was donated by the team of brokers at Quantus Mortgage Solutions for the start up funds.